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Our owner Mr. Hu

Mr. Hu


Mr. Hu comes from a family, in which everyone is interested in gastronomy and his dream is to open and operate own restaurant. At the beginning of 2018, he found the perfect space just a few steps from Wenceslas Square. However, there was one problem, what kind of food should he serve? When he was thinking about this question, he went to visit his brother (very experienced chef) to the Netherlands. Thanks to this holiday, he decided, that he will open the 1st All You Can Eat Sushi & Grill Concept in Prague, Czech Republic.

OurAll You Can Eat concept

Completely different you knew it
All You Can Eat Sushi & Grill is already very popular in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Italy & Spain. The idea is that you may try as much food as you can. You are allowed to choose everything from our offer of sushi & grilled meals. The desserts are included in an assortment, so if you want to see the dessert card, just ask our service.

We differ from other restaurants of this type in that we prepare everything for you fresh and to order – everything has 100% quality.

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All You Can Eat – Sushi & Grill Restaurant
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