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AllYou Can Eat Menu

All You Can Eat Sushi & Grill

A different All You Can Eat experience

You will not find a buffet here, we take pride in working with the best quality ingredients and your meals will always be prepared fresh to order.
Our concept All You Can Eat Sushi & Grill is a lot different than what you encounter in the vast majority of sushi bistros and running sushi restaurants.
We have a wide selection of interesting and tasty dishes – we want your visit to be a gourmet and culinary experience – our goal is quality, not quantity.
There are no compromises with our All You Can Eat restaurant, we don’t use cheap ingredients, make smaller portions or old sushi laying around – everything here is prepared freshly just for you!


Unlimited consumption of selected dishes for 2.5 hours for 625 CZK per person.

Reduced price for children (4-11) – 295 CZK

How it works

Recieve form

You will recieve a form for your order

You mark your meals

you mark the meals you want to order this round – a maximum of 5 meals per round

Recieve your order

In a moment, your order will be brought to you – always freshly made. Enjoy your meal!

And one more

When you finish your meal, you order more and again and again …


And what can you choose from?







Extra payment for Sashimi



Nigiri Sushi

Gungan Sushi

Temaki Sushi

Maki Sushi

Uramaki Sushi


Main courses

Main dishes

Side dishes



Rules and additional fees


Atleast one drink per person

Maximum consuption time is 150 minutes

Additional fees

In order to avoid food wastage you may be charged for wasted portion

Sushi: 50 CZK/pcs / Main course: 60 CZK/pcs